The Oxford Software Carpentry Boot Camp … one year on.

In October 2012 I organised a Software Carpentry Boot Camp at the University of Oxford. I’ve previously posted the feedback I gathered immediately before and after the boot camp, but thought it would be interesting to see if all that enthusiasm actually translated into deeds i.e. did the attendees actually change how they worked as result of the boot camp? So almost exactly a year after the boot camp I sent around a similar survey to the attendees. Inevitably some email addresses were now invalid so I only received responses from 13 of the attendees (as compared to 25 immediately after the workshop). To encourage responses, I only asked three questions and two of these followed on from questions I had previously asked. So what did I find out?

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So…. I’m a Software Sustainability Fellow

ImageI’m pleased to announce that I am one of the Software Sustainability Fellows for 2014. I met all the other fellows when we were being selected and it is an amazing group with very diverse research interests and backgrounds. This means I have a responsibility to try and improve the development and use of software in my field, computational biophysics. My plan is to